Wick & Wicker - Small Business Saturday

Wick & Wicker - Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday - Wick & Wicker

Happy Saturday Islanders!

I am basking in a beautiful aroma this morning as I toil away at my desk.  And I am pleased to tell you all about where I source this aroma on today's edition of Small Business Saturday.  If you want some lovely décor pieces in your home as well as a natural stress reliever I want to introduce you to my small business friend Amanda over at Wick & Wicker in Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

I first became acquainted with Amanda well over a year ago, I think when we first began toying around with our pandemic side hustles over on Instagram.  I was drawn to her product immediately and loved how she was branding her products and herself.  Her photography was on point!  I ordered a few candles and an essential oils roller and was immediately hooked.  Now both my husband and I rub on a little before bed and we are off to beddy bye land pronto!

I think you will love Amanda's work as much as I do! 

Have a great weekend!

Website - wicknwicker.ca

Instagram - Wick & Wicker




1) Tell us a little bit about your small business? 

Wick & Wicker Candle Co. Is home of non toxic Candles & all natural essential oil wellness products. All products are created from start to finish by myself. Although this little company is a 1 woman team on the surface, none of it could be done with the help of my husband, sister in law, and some amazing friends that come to help meet large order deadlines & support during busy markets.

The inspiration for this brand was to create a disconnect between natural products and luxury. A firm foundation in our beliefs is that natural products should be the norm and baseline for consumers. We strive to create products you will feel good about bringing into your home at an affordable rate. I feel this brand is continuously accomplishing this by offering a wide array of products with affordable price ranges. Our current cheapest product are the essential oil mists. They are only $10, they are also multipurpose for the home & body.


2) What is your favourite thing about your small business?

My favourite thing is being able to create connections with other like minded creators. I’ve been exposed to so many amazing businesses that I never would have without creating this brand. 


3) What is your small business’s origin story? 

During the initial wave of the pandemic I was exploring with different home crafts. Macrame, home made cleaner, finger knitting the list goes on. One day my husband told me I couldn’t keep spending money on candles, we just couldn’t afford it. I informed him that they were toxin free and so worth every penny. He encouraged me to try and make my own and I did. I was shocked that I was able to and it sparked a fire inside of me. I started to blend my own fragrances and it sparked a flame inside of me. My husband encouraged me after giving many candles away for free that I should start selling them. If I learned anything it was that I should listen to him more often! 

Candles them selves are tricky and perfecting wicking especially with wooden wicks took some time but it was oh so worth the obstacles. I love seeing customers excitement when they see our candles come in wooden wicks.

Successes come big and small for a home based business, I have had the opportunity to create custom party favours for weddings & baby showers as well as centrepiece candles for events. Those events were by far some of my favourite projects and made me feel accomplished!

4) What are your best selling products/services?

Anatoli Iliou & Agapi are our most popular signature scents. 

Ménta Headache roller. 

Kalimera scent line consisting of a Candle, essential oil spray & diffuser blend.


5) Why should people focus on buying small and local if possible?

I feel people should focus on buying small because every purchase literally makes the owners day. I can confirm every purchase that comes through excites me and makes me do a happy dance as silly as it sounds. Buying small and buying local is buying from your friend, your neighbour. What I’ve learned from this community is that most small businesses are passion projects & creative outlets for people who are juggling multiple jobs. You are supporting those who come home after a day of work and instead of putting their feet up they start making candles, soaps, blankets, etc. 


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