Cottontrails Macrame Decor - Small Business Saturday

Cottontrails Macrame Decor - Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday - Cottontrails Macrame Decor

Our tour of small businesses starts in Nova Scotia with Cottontrails Macrame Decor.  We first became acquainted with Deb, aka Cottontrails, when we first collaborated together on a project.  Since then we have been longtime fans of Deb's beautiful creations.  

Allow us to introduce you to, Deb from Cottontrails Macrame Decor.  We hope you enjoy getting to know her!

You can find Deb and her beautiful works of art on her Instagram here.



Rylan and Alex

1) Tell us a little bit about your small business?

I make beautiful modern macrame, nothing too ornate but on the clean classic and minimal side. My favorite items to make are my earring hanger, wristlets, and plant hangers.  It's a small business, just me wearing all the hats!  I think I take inspiration from a practical perspective.  I have a major earring addiction, so I needed to make something to hang them on that would look beautiful and suit my style. And the plant hangers, again I'm a total plant hoarder, and don't like having them take up all sorts of floor space, so beautiful boho macrame hangers are one of my favorite ways to maximize the space and style in my home.

2) What is your favourite thing about your small business?

For sure the best thing about this little business is being able to work from home. I am a wife and a mama, which are my first priorities, and I am so grateful to be able to give most of the energy and strength I have to my daughter and husband. Additionally I am a chronic migraine sufferer, so working a 9 to 5 is just not an option for me, so I'm really grateful to be able to work at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home.

3) What is your small business’s origin story?

Cottontrails was born when after I started learning to make some simple macrame hangers etc, a friend asked if she could buy one of the wall hangings, the light bulb was switched on! And it grew into a little business from there.

4) What are your best selling products?

My beautiful 'Sombrio' tapestry, my Earring Display Hanger, and any of the plant hangers go quite quickly.

5) Why should people focus on buying small and local if possible?

I totally understand the need to save money when possible, and I get that it's generally more pricey to buy from smaller makers.  But to be honest, since I started this business I've really started to truly understand the difference between purchasing from and supporting the small makers versus buying from cheaper big box stores.
I now understand that this is how so many of us pay for our fuel and groceries and heat. How we are able to contribute to our families and to society.  
The fact that we are the face of our own companies, and the workmanship we put in will directly affect our success.  A small business that makes macrame or earrings or pottery or whatever isn't making it because it was a job that happened to be open and they took it just because they needed a paycheck. They started making that product because it was something they loved to start with, or were curious about. They honed that craft with excitement, passion, love, and pride. That is directly reflected in the quality and beauty of your purchase. It's a no brainer.


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I really enjoyed reading your interview and will check out this shop. Thanks for sharing! ♥️

Joanne Gibson

That is an amazing talent you have. I’m a 70’s girl and I like macrame. I will be looking in your shop.


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