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Gourd Vase - House Among the Roses

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Elevate your style with our exquisite gourd vases - House Among the Roses. These vases feature a delicate Monet-inspired design, accented with stunning roses. Add a touch of sophistication and beauty to any outfit with these luxurious hoops.

  • Materials
  • 14K plated ball post/chain
  • Polymer Clay

"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck..."

...but if I can't wear them in my hair, I'll wear them on my ears. I gain so much inspiration and enjoyment from the flowers we find around ourselves everyday. While flowers bloom and wilt, I hope to try to preserve and celebrate their delicate beauty year-round.

  • Emily:

    These earrings completely blow me away! The colours are gorgeous, the quality is incredible, and the shape is so fun and unique. I get so many compliments when I wear them and they go with everything.

  • Shannon:

    Rylan’s work is so beautiful, delicate, and high-quality. I have purchased several pieces from this shop and will continue to do so. Some of my absolute favourite floral earrings!

  • Francseca:

    These just came in, and I have to say: THESE ARE S T U N N I N G I can’t feel them at all. They’re the perfect size, the small flowers are exquisite, and the gold is just the perfect delicate little pop of colour.

EARRING CARE: polymer clay is very durable and, when cured properly, will not break upon impact. Like all jewelry, it still requires TLC and treasuring. Keep your polymer clay earrings in a safe, dry place - away from your makeup and product stash; these chemicals can leave residue on your earrings. To clean any residue or smudges (because we're not perfect) use a soft, dry cloth (baby or makeup remover wipes work well too) to clean the surface of the clay. Polymer clay is waterproof (yay!) but for the sake of the metal materials, you may not want to swim with them.